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Studio Rental

East Nashville’s Exclusive Recording Studio Rental

Discover East Nashville’s gem for local artists – offering flexible hourly and daily studio rentals in a historic home, where state-of-the-art recording meets timeless charm.

Tailored for Nashville’s vibrant music community, our studio provides flexible hourly and daily rental options to suit the diverse needs and schedules of local artists.

Your Music City Escape

Our Nashville Airbnb with an exclusive in-house recording studio.

Welcome to a unique experience in the heart of Nashville, where our Airbnb property offers more than just a comfortable stay. Here you will find the allure of a historic Tudor home with the modern convenience of a professional in-house recording studio in one of Nashville’s best neighborhoods — East Nashville’s Inglewood.

Perfect for musicians, producers, songwriters or groups, our space provides the opportunity to live, relax, and create in an environment that’s rich in history and ripe with musical potential. With flexible stays and a central location, it’s the perfect base to explore Nashville’s music scene while enjoying the luxury of an accessible, professional studio right where you stay. 

songwriting workshop

Songwriters retreat

Perfect for Group Workshops and Gatherings for Songwriting. Unleash Your Creativity in Music City. Now taking bookings for 2024-2025.


International Guests

Exclusive Nashville Experience for International Guests – Customized Stays, Music Experiences, Transportation, and More

For international guests seeking an authentic experience in Nashville’s vibrant culture and music scene, we offer an unparalleled experience. 

Our customized packages are designed to provide you with a taste for the heart of Nashville, far beyond what you’ll find on Yelp or Reddit.

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